Blue Mondays Goal for 2020 is to Focus on Sustainability

Why Sustainability?

2020 has been named the year where if change doesn’t take place then it could be too late to prevent the long-lasting damages of climate change. This claim and growing social concern for the environment and sustainability has led to Blue Monday seeking methods and strategies to innovate themselves to help the environment and improve sustainability for future generations.

How Blue Monday are becoming more sustainable?

Blue Monday have chosen to focus on using a technology-based auction service in hopes to minimise their carbon footprint through reducing their paper usage. This not only saves paper but allows Blue Monday to grow their efficiency and allows those at their auctions to go on their smartphones and visually see all the prizes and read their descriptions clearly. This allows Blue Monday to become more sustainable as their auctions allow people to use their own smart phones which in todays society people are never far from. Secondly, although Blue Monday have switched to being tech-based, they still offer a small selection of paper brochures for those who aren’t entirely comfortable with technology and this remains sustainable due to the paper Blue Monday source from- FSC.

FSC. Forest Stewardship Council

The FSC is a company who guarantee that the trees which must become harvested for paper are replaced/ allowed to regenerate naturally. They make-sure to use local workers within each specific area to ensure they are giving back to the local areas and one of their guarantees as a company is that they ensure future generations will have access to forests. In addition, they protect and preserve certain parts of the forest to save rare plants and animals from extinction.

Read Blue Mondays technology-based auction in action here!