Silent Auction Technology

Blue Monday Events is proud to showcase its tech-based and free platform to host your next silent auction! The user-friendly and bespoke online option is now available for all auction services.

Blue Monday’s Tech-Based Auctions are Sustainable Reliable Simple Modern Engaging

Our auction technology video will outline to your guests how simple it is to bid and donate!


Over the past 17 years we have worked tirelessly to become one of the UK’s leading silent auction providers. Environmental factors and sustainability are now rooted in the foundations of event planning and through our online silent auction offering we’re able to supply greater flexibility to our clients.

Our vision is to provide engaging and sustainable silent auctions whilst raising the maximum funds for your chosen charity partner.

Blue Monday’s free silent auction technology will enhance your guests’ auction experience, allowing them to browse prizes, submit bids and make charity donations all via their smart phone. You won’t regret the choice to go digital! Based completely online without the need to download apps or share tablets, our site is easily accessible and simple to navigate. The option to edit and personalise the user-interface ensures the auction site is kept professional and in line with your event branding.

Key features:

  • Simple guest registration
  • Clear bidding system to showcase the fabulous auction items
  • Personal ‘My Bids’ page to monitor submitted bids
  • Option to receive outbid notifications
  • Ability to bid multiple times and remain anonymous
  • Leaderboard feature available
  • ‘Make a Pledge’ page to donate instantly

Our client’s event requirements and fundraising goals are at the heart of what we do, which is why we’d be delighted to hear from you to design your bespoke silent auction platform!

Contact us below to discuss integrating a free online silent auction into your upcoming fundraising event.

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