We are excited to announce that we’re moving to a new office with our sister company, Signature Framing!

We can now be found at:

Unit 39 Nottingham South and Wilford Industrial Estate
Ruddington Lane
NG11 7EP

Our 2020 goal at Blue Monday Events is to adopt new methods of innovation to make us more sustainable in our operations and output. Merging both companies under the same roof will massively reduce our carbon footprint, previously the team were driving between the two offices. Therefore being under the same roof will really benefit the environment as well as simplifying our logistics, which will in turn improve our time efficiency. We’ll have more time to concentrate on what matters most – our customers and clients!

The move has also meant a much needed clear-out at Blue Monday HQ! We have recycled outdated files and ensured all our company data is digitalised and secure. Moving forward, a new office policy will be in place: print essential documents only! This will ensure we reach our 2020 goal and minimise our paper usage by  70%, leaving less clutter and more space.

Additionally, our relocation will not only see an improvement in our sustainability and logistics but also will boost team spirit and morale. With the new office space we hope to encourage a new mindset for all the team and by merging both the auction and framing company, it will enhance our current services and streamline our offering to clients.

This move will allow us to serve you more efficiently and productively. Here at Blue Monday our kettle will always be on with a well stocked biscuit tin for visits from clients new and old! Follow our socials for updates on life under one roof for Blue Monday Events and Signature Framing!