Meet the team

Blue Monday were one of the pioneers of Silent Auctions and are now known as one of the best in the business. Booking an auction with us means you get expertise, a great team and a fantastic prize selection.

Meet the people that will be working on your behalf…


The Leader

Very much the brains behind the business, Rory is here to ensure that everything about your auction is the best that it can be. From the prize selection, to the brochure design, he is a perfectionist when it comes to the service we provide you.


The Backbone

As our Finance Manager Philippa oversees us getting all the bid payments in and then transfers the final figure over to you. She also heads up the admin behind all the experiences we sell, making sure the auction customers get a good experience post-auction.


The Systems Queen

The organisation and processing of auctions is underpinned by the many systems and processes that Nancy has designed, created and implemented. A stickler for details, Nancy keeps us all ship shape!



The Fireball

Wendy is our most experienced and longest-serving Auction Manager who is all about getting great results. She also sources all of our fantastic staff and the rapport between our team is a credit to Wendy and her fantastic personality.


The Baby

Lottie first worked an auction for us when she was just 16 years old and has stayed with us ever since. Much like the rest of us, she is driven by great results. She’s our go-to girl when we get an auction booked in thanks to her determination and experience.

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The Trooper

As one of our Auction Managers, Alice or one of her expert team, will be there to run the auction on the night to make sure we have a smooth and successful outcome. Her years of expertise and auction knowledge proves invaluable.


The Planner

Lauren’s meticulous organisation skills and attention to detail are put into action designing auction brochures, liaising with clients to ensure they have exactly what they want, and doing all the back room work to ensure the auctions run without a hitch. This girl has got it all under control!

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